Case Study: How to Manage Institutional Change

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Case Study: How to Manage Institutional Change


Military Arm Needed to Lead a Diverse Team Through Unprecedented Institutional Change

Our Challenges to Address:

  • Garnering confidence in the mission
  • Sharing expectations of the opportunities
  • Bringing the team together with a fresh perspective for daily operations

Our Solution Was a Tailor-Made Workshop Looking at all Aspects of the Team

The Air Force need a quick turnaround, so Anne Loehr & Associates created a tailor-made workshop, looking at all aspects the team, including individual traits, values and personalities. The team walked away with simple and practical tips that could be used immediately after the workshop. Some of these tools included:

  • Communication tips across all personality types
  • Words That Work for clear communication
  • A cheat sheet takeaway
  • Tool to redesign team dynamics
  • Relevant ideas on how to manage diverse team members


Your expertise is only surpassed by your presence; you commanded the room. Your presentation caused all of us to reflect on our communication skills and styles. Asking “why” is the first step to personal and professional growth. Our wing will be better from our time together. We’re still using your lessons in daily conversations.

–Col. Jon Roop, US Air Force



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