Seventeen Incredible Employee Perks of Thriving Companies

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Guest post by Reuben Yonatan

With so much of the average adult’s life spent at work, it’s surprising just how slow the workforce has been in demanding an environment conducive to productivity and satisfaction. In fact, millennials reported that besides compensation a good work-life balance is the most important factor when evaluating job opportunities. Companies all over the world have taken radical steps to improve their company culture by offering amazing perks and benefits, which have proven effective in increasing job applicants, employee engagement and retention.

Tech giants like Google, Apple and Facebook are notorious for their amazing office spaces and unique working environments. It’s no secret that “Googlers” are served amazing food throughout the day, but you might not be aware that they also have on-site laundry services, access to a full gym, and massage therapists for particularly stressful days—all free of charge.

If You Want to Attract the Top Talent In your Industry…

Having this level of notoriety for being an amazing place to work is what garters them over 2 million resumes per year. If you want to attract the top talent in your industry you must consider the impact these employee perks and overall culture will have on the job candidate’s final decision.

Some of the most incredible examples of company culture and perks for employees are detailed below in this piece from GetVoIP. If you work at Starbucks, for instance, they encourage you to seek further education by attending college for which they reimburse your tuition. An investment like this a great way to show your employees that you care and are interested in their growth and future within the company.

Take Note.

There are no definitive rules to building a great company culture, but taking notes from these exemplary companies will certainly point your culture in the right direction.

Employee Perks from Successful Company Cultures

Reuben Yonatan | Reuben is the founder and CEO of GetVoIP. As an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, Reuben brings a wealth of hands-on telecom industry experience, backed by a 10-year track record in strategically shaping operational functionality in all his ventures. Find him on Twitter here.
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