QUIZ: What’s Your Office Personality Type?

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Revise Sociology calculated that ever a 50-year working-life period, assuming eight hours of sleep a night, the average working person spends 35% of their total waking hours at work. And for most of us, that means spending a large percentage of our lives with co-workers. This means our relationships at work have a huge impact on our lives!

The fact is, you’re not always going to mesh well with your teammates at work. In fact, some are downright difficult to deal with. But it’s how we manage those incompatibilities that make all the difference. Developing emotional intelligence skills, practicing empathy, and focusing on how best to communicate (and listen!) make a massive difference in workplace dynamics. Ultimately, it’s about understanding each other, and all of these skills increase your ability to understand others.

Today, let’s take a macro approach to understanding coworkers—by looking at their personality types. Do you know your own? Take this quiz to see how your personality might be seen in the workplace. Pass it around to others on your team. It will be a fun way to scratch the surface of better understanding each other.

I’d love to know what you discovered! Of the personality types listed on this infographic, which one are you? Let us know in the comment section below or onTwitter!

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