telescopesquareFuture leadership is imperative to consider now. As an avalanche of change comes to the workplace, leaders must look—and behave—differently.

Work environments, organizational structures and the motivations behind work have transformed. Historically, organizations were often centralized, with a clear hierarchy. Many decisions followed a linear journey of permission before anything could be decided (cue red tape).

An organization’s success was often black and white—more specifically, the black and white number on the bottom of a Profit & Loss statement.

The future of work will be stripped of centralization. Instead of ladders and chains of command, the future organization will function like an ecosystem — a community of interconnected organisms that all work in conjunction with each other in a complex environment, where members play many roles.

Instead of a centralized company, we will have a holacracy, where authority and decision-making doesn’t travel from top to bottom. Instead, governance will come from self-organizing teams. We’re talking no job titles, no managers, no hierarchy, and most importantly — no need to ask permission from a higher-up. In the future, career movement doesn’t even have an “up.”

In Workplaces of the Future, Success = Purpose

Success metrics are also shifting drastically. In the future of work, it’s not all about profit. There will be a strong integration of purpose emerging in the workplace. Organizations will need to have purpose-driven values in order to attract talent and stay relevant. That means they’ll need to create a positive impact, and their culture will need to nurture meaningful relationships, provide ample opportunity for personal growth while hitting targeted goals.

What Will Future Leadership Look Like?

In this keynote, you will learn:

  • How the leaders of the future will look and act very differently than what we are historically used to.
  • How hierarchy, centralization, and the definition of success will function in organizations of the future.
  • The five imperative qualities and skills leaders of the future must have.

Read The Portrait of a Future Leader.

If you need to learn how to prepare for future leadership in your organization or market, contact Anne to arrange for a keynote that will help you reach your specific audience effectively.

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