Purpose-DrivenDo you want to be a future-focused leader? Are you looking for ways to increase employee engagement and improve organizational culture? Then focus on using purpose. Purpose-driven, future-focused leaders create a culture of purpose-driven work and employee engagement. In this talk, you’ll learn

  • how to define purpose,
  • what is needed to create a purpose-driven DNA and
  • how your own leadership values will add depth to work.

Create a Culture of Purpose in Your Organization

“Future Focused Leaders Create Cultures of Purpose,” examines the rampant absence of purpose people feel in today’s workplace and the extreme lack of engagement that results. This lack of engagement is not only bad for organizations, it’s bad for people, their families, and their communities, too. I explain how it’s absolutely imperative for leaders to create purpose in their organizations and for their employees. The first step in doing so is identifying individual and then organizational values. I provided a roadmap for identifying those values and implementing them.

“Anne gave an outstanding presentation about purpose driven organisations at Stretch. It helped me reframe my thinking about the importance of our core values, and shifted me closer to create something that really has value. ” — Judit Radnai Toth, talentbrand.io


“It’s been a long time since I heard a talk that stopped me in my tracks and caused me to reflect on my life. Anne’s presentation made me put on the brakes and seriously think about myself, my values, my goals, and the congruence between them.” – Joseph Pelrine


If you would like to engage employees with a keynote on creating purpose in your organization, contact Anne to arrange for a keynote that will help you reach your specific audience effectively.

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