Powerful Leaders Listen

InquiryInquiry and listening improve collaboration. When a leader increases her questions-to-statements ratio, she automatically empowers the employee to find an innovative solution on his own. When a leader increases her statements-to-questions ratio, she automatically squelches collaboration and innovative thinking. Yet asking questions is not natural for many leaders, since they are often expected to have all the answers. So how does a leader learn to effectively use inquiry?

This engaging and dynamic presentation helps leaders bridge the gap between attitude, collaboration, and effective leadership.

The Art of Inquiry keynote focuses on:

  • Why inquiry is a vital element of successful leadership and collaboration
  • How attitude is the keystone to success in all areas of work
  • How leaders can increase collaboration by changing their questioning style
  • The impact a 5-minute inquiry conversation can have on attitude and collaboration

If you need to improve collaboration in your organization or market, contact Anne to arrange for a keynote that will help you reach your specific audience effectively.

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