Discover What Really Matters to You: Anne Loehr Interviewed by Michaela Lehner

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Discover What Really Matters to You: Anne Loehr Interviewed by Michaela Lehner

Michaela Lehner interviewed me as one of 21 personal development experts for her summit: Dare to be YOU: Discover what Really Matters to You and Start Living Your Dream Life. We shared our advice on creating crystal clear goals, and then how to get “unstuck” so you can start moving toward those goals.

I invite you to watch the 30-minute interview. Or feel free to skip ahead to the time stamped topics below.

(1:45) Was it always a dream of mine to become a trainer and international keynote speaker? Here’s how I ended up in the industry.

(3:16) The stumbling blocks, chaos and challenges I faced early in my career, and how I overcame them.

(4:50) My strategy for learning more about myself and others while working in Africa, instead of being a know-it-all!

(6:26) These are the three key strengths that helped me succeed when running a hotel and eco-safari business in Kenya.

(8:04) In corporate America, Lehner sees over and over again the “Monday blues”. Here are some reasons why.

(10:09) Lack of engagement at work isn’t always about the company culture—it may also lie within. Here’s what an individual can do to increase their engagement, and increase their chances of finding a job they feel engaged in.

(13:00) How to clarify your own values.

(15:33) How to map out your future profession, once you know your values.

(18:27) With the knowledge of your values, you can proactively approach your supervisor or manager (if you’re in a corporate environment) and explain the possible reason for your lack of engagement. But how do managers perceive this kind of openness?

(20:48) A brief look at how generations differ, what motivates them, and whether that contributes to lack of engagement in certain work environments.

(23:59) My advice for stepping out and living a daring life.

(25:03) Michaela says that in Germany, networking is often perceived as negative. What is the importance of networking?

Feel free to ask me any follow up questions in the comment section, via email, or on Twitter!

To see more Dare To Be You interviews, visit Michaela Lehner’s website.

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