A Manager’s Guide to Coaching, by Anne Loehr and Brian Emerson, was written for busy managers who want to quickly learn how to coach their employees to success.

The book consists of specific, step-by-step problem-solving methodologies and questions to ask for common employee problem areas, allowing the reader to learn the basics of coaching in a relatively short period of time and immediately put the newly-learned skills to good use.

It can be used in three ways, allowing the reader to choose the best situation at the time: as a resource to coach employees and colleagues, as a resource to kick off coaching when the manager cannot always be there for a coaching conversation and as a tool for self-coaching.

A Manager’s Guide to Coaching has a no-nonsense and conversational tone that allows managers to do some reading and then hit the ground running with practical tools and tips. It is a pragmatic resource, not a theoretical textbook. Some take-aways include:

  1. The authors’ WIN BIG coaching model, an easy six-step coaching process that can easily be used by managers and their employees
  2. Coaching FAQs that answer many of the basic questions asked by managers who are learning to coach
  3. Twenty-one practical and effective coaching tips compiled by the authors after years of coaching individuals and organizations
  4. Hundreds of coaching questions that can be used in any coaching situation
  5. Specific coaching questions and steps for the following 11 work situations:
    • Motivation
    • Interpersonal Problems
    • Time Management
    • Dealing with Conflict
    • Clarifying Goals
    • (Lack of) Available Resources
    • Developmental Opportunities
    • Life Balance
    • Conflicting Priorities
    • Delegation
    • Increasing Confidence

Praise for the Authors of A Manager’s Guide to Coaching

This book does a great job of examining an area of leadership often overlooked by new (and seasoned) managers. Practical, and easy to read, it lays out a management concept that can positively impact employees and ultimately the bottom line.

—Stephanie Heffernan, Executive Producer, E-Commerce, Discovery Communications, Inc.

Practical. Insightful. Entertaining. This no-nonsense look at coaching is a must read. Not only for those who manage others, but for anyone that hopes to help the people they work with to be more.

—Carole Dickert-Scherr, Vice President, Human Resources, PBS (Public Broadcast Service)

Brian Emerson and Anne Loehr are the leaders you need for coaching your team to victory. Their thorough but easy to understand guide sets out the steps you need to take to make sure you have motivated and successful employees. The key is realizing that coaching is not about telling people how to be better, but helping them effectively achieve their own level of awareness and action.

—Wesley Warren, Director of Programs for Natural Resources Defense Council, formerly Associate Director for the Office of Budget and Management in the Clinton White House (1994-2001)

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