How to Lead a Generationally Diverse Team

Understanding a generation’s defining characteristics and core values can help businesses create products and craft messages that capture the customer’s attention. — Yankelovich Report

a generationally diverse team

To communicate clearly with each generation in today’s workplace, you need to understand the political, societal, and technological events that shaped each generation’s core beliefs and values. Once you understand the history, traits, and culture of each generation, you can then better speak each generation’s language, which builds rapport and trust. The result? Higher sales, improved bottom-line results, and increased employee retention.

Anne’s talk was not only highly informative but also a whole lot of fun! Weeks later, staff were still talking about some of the things they had learned. It’s obvious that our employees now have the tools to communicate more effectively across generations.

—Beatriz Coningham, Organization Development Director, NCQA

Learn from a “Generational Guru” to Help You Lead Your Generationally Diverse Workplace

Enjoy an engaging and dynamic keynote presentation that will help leaders bridge the gap between Gen X, Gen Y, and Baby Boomers in a generationally diverse workplace. If your people would benefit from a more in-depth, hands-on approach, try an interactive workshop instead. The Washington Post dubbed Anne a “generational guru” for very good reason; her keynote will inspire and encourage everyone who attends.

 Engage Every Age Keynote focuses on:

  • The workforce of the future
  • The personality traits and key differences of each generation in today’s workforce
  • How to communicate effectively with each generation
  • Practical tips and advice on bridging generational gaps between Gen X, Millennials’ and Baby Boomers

Anne Loehr Speaking

Customized Topics

Financial Advisors who want to communicate successfully with every generation of client and retain intergenerational wealth have much to gain from Anne’s industry-specific keynote and Free Generational Report.

Sales and marketing professionals also need to engage every age, and Anne offers a targeted variation of her Engage Every Age keynote just for you.

If you need to Engage Every Age in your organization or market, contact Anne to arrange for a keynote that will help you reach your specific audience effectively.

Engage Every Age Testimonials

Your multi-generational communication training was excellent. It is exactly the type of coaching that FAs need when working with their ‘older’ book and trying to extend the relationship to the next generation.

Rachel Kanter Vice President, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC

Very informative. A good amount of take-aways I can use for my sales career.

—Mike Grinnon, NYLIFE Securities

Anne’s presentation on generational differences was extremely useful. I was able to implement what I learned immediately in my work and personal life. It provided me clarity to an obvious problem we face today. I hope to hear Anne speak again in the future.

—Dario Campolattaro, SHRM President, Greater Loudoun Chapter

Anne’s presentation helped me motivate and challenge my generationally diverse workforce to accomplish great things as a cohesive team. Anne brought clarity and understanding to why we need to communicate differently to different age groups. I have used her tips in my everyday interactions with my staff; our team is working better together to achieve our quality goals.

—Rose A. Labriola, Senior Vice President, Frederick Memorial Healthcare System

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