Leading the Way to Sustainable Organizational Change

Sometimes a workshop or keynote just isn’t enough. The last time your team went to a 2-day workshop, did they put the handouts on their desk with the best of intentions to implement the tools they learned, only to discover the handouts at the bottom of their inbox 6 months later? It happens all the time…life gets in the way and training resources are squandered.

Transforming your organization takes commitment, time, and skill. Anne specializes in leadership development and executive coaching to help leaders become more effective, but her programs don’t stop there. Widely respected as a “Generational Guru,” Anne created a unique approach to organizational change that includes attention to the important task of adapting leadership approaches and messaging / communication styles to the realities of today’s generationally diverse workplace.

Anne’s long-term, holistic, organizational development programs last from 12 to18 months. Even though it can be daunting to set your sights on long-term change, you can trust that it is the most effective way to create sustainable, lasting behavioral changes throughout your organization.

Why? Because when an organization’s leadership has a long term plan to reinforce 3 to 4 key points over time, employees have a chance to become accustomed to new tools and approaches and create lasting behavioral changes.

Anne’s approach to developing organizational programs involves listening deeply to the CEO’s needs, involving other stakeholders, and collaboratively creating the best product for the organization. For example, she often initiates 30–minute phone conversations with a 10% vertical slice of the organization to better understand organizational challenges and conditions before she even drafts the ideas she will later present in a customized plan for effective change.

Once she understands the organizational needs from the viewpoint of all the stakeholders, she tailors each program and includes various elements from her full range of services to ensure client success.

As effective as longer term programs are, not every organization has the available time or resources to devote to them. If you are interested in other options, contact Anne to create a workshop or webinar, or to deliver a keynote that will immediately benefit your organization.

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