How to Manage Gen Y

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“What do we do with Gen Y?” is being echoed daily on the internet, in the press and by the office water cooler. When I mention to friends that my next book is full of tips and tools to get the best out of Gen Y at work,  I always get pulled aside for some advice on how to handle this generation at work. While there are blogs and online articles to help managers successfully work with Gen Y, there are few books that give practical solutions. My favorite book, Millennials Incorporated by Lisa Orrell, is a gem for HR managers. My favorite blog is by Tammy Erickson; you can find her musings on this generation on

I’ll be focusing my next blogs on managing Gen Y for the best results. In the meantime, I wanted to leave you with this quote on managing Gen Y from Jim Collins, management expert and author of Good to Great and Built to Last, excerpted from the August 25 issue of Business Week:

“I don’t understand this generational tension thing other than that I think the tension is great. You should find a way to have young people in your face all the time. Wrestle with is. Revel in it. Learn from it. My view is, we ought to get those people into positions of leadership as fast as we can.”

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