Changing Perspectives for Effective Solutions

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Perception is reality. That is, the way we see things constitutes our beliefs about the world around us.

It is so easy to forget that one of the most incredible choices we have is that of our perspectives, or our way of seeing, feeling about and approaching the multitude of dimensions that make up our lives.

We choose our perspectives every minute of every day… how we see, feel and think about every situation that comes our way.

Our perspectives not only affect the way we feel about our life, but more importantly, they define how we deal with and resolve any given situation, sometimes positively and sometimes not.

One of the biggest traps we fall into is believing that there is only one way of looking at something.

This one way so quickly becomes our reality that we lose the ability to see things differently, creating a “that’s just the way it is” mentality.

Well here’s another reality: It is possible to choose a new perspective for any area of your life, commit to actions that keep you in that perspective and begin to watch your life change as a result.

It is not a difficult process; you just have to follow a PICK plan and roll with it.

Perspective. First think about the situation at hand and define your perspective — how do you see it, what do you think and feel about it, and what are the impacts on you?

Give this perspective a name — the “lazy” perspective, or maybe “victim” or “control-freak.”

Inhabit. Try on other perspectives, live in them, inhabit them. Next, make up and write down some other possible perspectives, like the “empowered” perspective, or the “dedicated,” or “cowboy,” or “joyous” perspectives.

Once you have created some, spend time being in each one. Make notes about what you experience in each.

What does your situation look like from that point of view? If you really saw your situation from that perspective, what would be different?

Move to all the different perspectives you have brainstormed and play with experiencing the thoughts and feelings of each one.

Choice. Choose a new way, get clear on how to get there and create your plan. Of all the perspectives you created and played with above, decide which one gets you closest to what you want your life to look like and claim it as a new way of approaching your situation. Next, make a list of things you would have to do to make the perspective become your reality.

These might be actions you take, new thoughts you adopt or things you stop doing or thinking.

Kick it into action. So you’ve created some lists … great. If they stay just lists, they won’t do you a bit of good. Kicking it into action through commitment is the key. Choose three things from the list to commit to. Write them on a Post-it to remind yourself and stick it on your computer.

Finally, who can you ask to help you stay true to your plan? Call that person — now. Explain what you are doing, ask for support and for the person to check in with you to see how it’s going.

Our perspectives are incredibly powerful — so much so that we often claim they are reality. Remember, it’s your choice, and you can choose a new perspective that will.

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