How to Mentor Each Generation in the Workplace, Part 3

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So what can Gen Y teach Boomers and Gen X? Technology! *They* are the digital natives. If you’re Gen X, you’re a digital immigrant. If you’re a Boomer, you’re the parent of the digital immigrant, still living in the old country.

Gen Y’s were born with technology; they get it. I’m not talking about asking a Gen Y colleague for help with current technology. I’m talking about letting Gen Y show you where technology will be in the next 10 years. They knew what the iPhone was before it was even invented; they also know what technology can do for your organization in the next 20 years. So let them find global best practices and show you the future of technology.

Remember, Gen Y wants to be taken seriously. They want their expertise to be acknowledged. Technology is an area where they have expertise, and a vision of what can be accomplished, that you just can’t match, because you weren’t born with it. So ask for their mentorship in the technology area,and be sure to show your appreciation. You’ll not only build innovation and morale, you’ll likely also save resources in the long run.

This is the end of my *mentoring *series. I hope you use it as a tool for creating workplace harmony—and incidentally, for running a more successful business.

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