How to Delegate so Boomer Employees Stay Engaged

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It’s easy, when someone from another generation is driving you crazy, to overlook the unique contributions they can make.  Yet it’s crucially important to remember that every generation has strengths that can be leveraged for the overall good of the team.

What does this mean for you, as a manager, as someone’s direct report, and as colleague working on teams with your peers of different generations?  Let’s look at some practical tips that will help you work effectively with the two generations that are different from your own. Let’s start with delegation, something everyone encounters on numerous occasions. So Boomers, read on to learn how you can work best with Gen X and Gen Y. Y’s, be sure to scroll down to see how you can work best with Boomers and Gen X. And Gen X, see what tips you can learn to be more effective with Boomers and Gen Y.

Boomers are masters of delegation.  This generation competed from an early age; there were so many of them and they were always jostling for a place in school, on the team and in clubs. Consequently, they learned the art of time management and delegation to move up the corporate ladder quickly.

This generation saw the power of using their voice as a group to make a difference, both at the high level and the detailed level. Not only were they able to successfully protest the lack of women’s rights at a high level, they were also able to finesse the details of policy and legislation to pass the laws needed to create their vision. This is the beauty of a Boomer. They can see both the vision and the details, and then prioritize to eventually win the battle.

So if you’re a Gen X or Gen Y, ask Boomers for their expertise on how to prioritize and delegate. They will gladly show you their tips, which will only make you more effective and allow you to spend more time with your family.

I’ll talk about how to best delegate to a Gen X in my next blog.

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