Case Study: Executive Coaching — How to Lead a Team To Scale Quickly

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Case Study: Executive Coaching — How to Lead a Team To Scale Quickly

A company with an annual revenue of $2 million wanted to scale quickly while adding a new product.

Challenges to Address

A tech company CEO wanted to increase his ability to lead a team that would execute to the next level of growth. He wanted to:

  1. Improve his leadership presence with the team and Board.
  2. Develop a strategy to launch a new product while the current product ran effortlessly.
  3. Find the financing to launch the new product.


Anne Loehr coached the CEO for approximately six months. During that time, she:

  • Conducted informal 360 surveys, to learn more about the CEO’s strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Worked with the CEO to develop five focus areas, with specific metrics, of goals to be achieved
  • Coached the CEO in person and on the phone for an hour at a time, with detailed homework for the CEO to complete before the next call
  • Created a library of resources for the CEO to use, including articles, podcasts and other information
  • Helped the CEO find a network of peers for outside support
  • Evaluated the coaching process with the CEO and determined next steps for the CEO’s future growth


Within a year of the executive coaching work, the company doubled its core product revenue and launched its new product, estimated to bring in more than three times the core company’s revenue.


My only regret about working with Anne is that I didn’t do it sooner in my career.  Working on my communication style, leadership skills and time management, I achieved results right away and feel I am ready to grow my company to the next stage because of her work with me.  Anyone who wants to grow as a professional would benefit enormously from her coaching.

-Steve Goldenberg, CEO, Interfolio


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