Interviews With Anne Loehr: Spring Roundup

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Interviews With Anne Loehr: Spring Roundup

The last few months have been jam-packed with opportunities for me to speak to organizations all over the country. I’ve spoken on topics such as second-generation bias, recruiting and retaining women, emotional intelligence, decision making tools for CEOs who are flooded with ideas, the future of work, how to sell to the Millennial generation as a Baby Boomer, and more. To my honor, I’ve also been interviewed for some wonderful podcasts and blogs. Here are four of those interviews that I’m excited to share with you.

1. CrowdSource: Silent Revolution with Anne Loehr

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CrowdSource offers managed crowdsourcing solutions to meet businesses’ content and data needs. They do this by assembling and vetting freelance talent across multiple channels and matching that talent with work requests. Their existence speaks to the rise and prominence of the freelance workforce, which is one of the major shifts the United States is experiencing that will transform the workforce as we know it.

Knowing that I speak on the future of work, CrowdSource invited me on their podcast to talk about the four major workforce trends headed our way, and practical ways for organizations to prepare for the future. In addition, we talk about the nuts and bolts of organizational culture. Finally, to explore culture further, I discuss how the integration of purpose into organizational culture is revolutionizing the way we work. Listen to the full interview below.


2. Cooleaf: Four Workplace Trends You Can’t Ignore


Cooleaf is a technology platform designed to simplify managing, tracking, and incentivizing employee engagement programs. They also boast eliminating the clutter of shared calendars and endless email threads! They know that technology has the potential to help organizations take the employee experience to the next level and improve company culture. With my extensive experiencing helping organizations increase employee engagement and retention, Cooleaf asked for my perspective on what engagement and retention looks like for the future workforce.

Jackie Trimper and I talk about the leadership and humility lessons I learned in Kenya while turning around a hotel and starting an eco-safari business over a twelve-year span. I also go into how important employee engagement, recruitment and onboarding is. Read the full interview on Cooleaf and find out what I consider to be an organizational recipe for disaster.


3. The Leading with Purpose Podcast Hosted by Robert Kennedy: See it Before it Happens with Anne Loehr


Robert Kennedy’s podcast is for the dreamers, innovators, entrepreneurs and those who just want to make a difference. He believes that leaders must be able to see what is ahead, and then inspire others to see that same vision. On his fantastic podcast, he interviews leaders, movers, shakers and people who are working to make a difference in the inner leader we all have.

Robert and I talk about transformational leadership and what that means. I explain that true transformation starts by discovering how we can change leaders inside and out, which will then lead to changing organizations inside and out, and ultimately change society inside and out. When you look at the statistics, the fact is our current leadership is stale, pale and male. Don’t get me wrong; I work with CEOs all over the country and I love them, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is a serous lack of diversity. During the interview I share where organizations can begin their process of becoming more diverse, which will also better reflect their consumers.

You can listen to the entire podcast below, which ends with a fun “lightening round” where Robert asks me questions that I have to answer in ten seconds. You’ll find out whom I consider to be the most difficult leaders to coach, as well as the most difficult employees to manage.


4. FSD University: Predictive Analytics: A Magic Bullet for Field Service Hiring Managers?


FSD is a resource for field service professionals leading the 21st century service economy. I was an interviewed contributor to an article exploring how predictive analytics might help the struggles faced by field service hiring managers. Their article, “Predictive Analytics: A Magic Bullet for Field Service Hiring Managers?” points out that due to downsizing, it’s been many years since retaining and training employees has been the focus of many organizations. Now that it’s time to refocus on these critical talent issues, predictive analytics may help in that endeavor. Read the full article here and learn what I consider to be the single biggest benefit that predictive analytics can provide for organizations.

I’m curious, what would you want to know if you’re interviewing me? Maybe I’ll write a blog about it. Tell me in the comment section below, on Twitter or via email.

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