Smart People Podcast Hosts Anne Loehr: Service and Success

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Smart People Podcast Hosts Anne Loehr: Service and Success

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It was an honor to be featured on the Smart People Podcast, a weekly, interview-based podcast that features thought leaders having authentic conversations with host Chris Stemp, and his co-host/producer Job Rojas. In their own words, Smart People Podcast (SPP) “is dedicated to enhancing human connection and fostering personal growth while expanding people’s world views through authentic conversations. We are committed to inspiring listeners through intriguing interviews with a wide array of thought leaders from every profession.” They have hosted amazing guests like Seth Godin, Tony Hsieh, Brene Brown and Dan Pink.

Chris asked me about my entrepreneurial journey, what keeps me going, and why companies hire me. We went a little deeper and talked about the key to changing behaviors, how to make things happen when you feel overwhelmed, living with values, the epidemic of disengaged employees, and more.

You can listen to the entire podcast below, or use the following topic overview to skip ahead and hear what interests you most. Enjoy!

  • 3:21—What it means to be of service.


  • 6:10—What I do and why you should listen to me.

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  • 7:57—What to do when you are an entrepreneur who feels overwhelmed by the amount of things to do.
  • 9:50—Here’s what I would say to someone who is intrigued by speaking, coaching, and training but thinks, “How can I do it if there’s already successful people out there?”


  • 12:08—My story of starting in hospitality and where I am today.


  • 16:20—Advice for those who don’t know where their career is taking them.


  • 23:30—The key aspects of creating a strong team.


  • 26: 53—The cause of our disengaged workforce.
  • 29:15—Disengagement is not only the fault of organizations; it is also a function of the individual. Here’s how much the individual has to own when it comes to being disengaged, and why they should take engagement seriously.


  • 32:50—The biggest block for individuals who won’t take action.
  • 33:54—Where to start when there is something you want to change but you just don’t know how.
  • 40:56—A key exercise for people who want things like a “new job” or “more money” or “to be more relaxed.”


  • 43:26—How I utilize journaling in my business, and why it’s important.
  • 48:43—Overview of valuable self-assessment tools.

I recommend checking out more Smart People Podcast episodes, which you can find here. I’m excited to listen to the episode featuring General Ann Dundwoody, America’s first female four-star general. Send me a tweet and let me know which ones you find most informative and/or inspiring!

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