Organizational Purpose and The Spirit of Adventure: Anne Loehr Interviewed on the Game Changer Radio Show

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Organizational Purpose and The Spirit of Adventure: Anne Loehr Interviewed on the Game Changer Radio Show

I was honored *Chicke Fitzgerald invited me to be a guest on the Game Changer radio show. We had a fantastic conversation about purpose, values, employee engagement, my family trip to hike Mount Kilimanjaro, and more. We even talked about what I do in my “day job”.

This radio show is part of the Change Changer Network, an invitation-only global executive network. They “cater to corporate executives, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, as well as those in transition from those roles.” They “also have a program for individuals who aspire to an executive role and a special program for women, known as the Executive Girlfriends Group, formed in 2008.”

The Game Changer network is an awesome resource, providing commercial-free access to over 300 interviews with authors and experts. Check out their website and archive here.

I invite you to listen to the episode below in its entirety, or follow the included time-stamped guide to skip to the topics that interest you most.

(2:40) What drove me and my family to hike Mount Kilimanjaro, and why it took 9-10 months from beginning to end!

(4:39) The spirit of adventure is one of my core values. Chicke asks how that plays into a culture of purpose in my organization.

(6:28) Purpose is baked into corporate DNA. Chicke asks, “How does a leadership team actually take those values and bake them into how an organization operates?”

(7:50) When it comes to engagement, Chicke asks me if there a generational distinction. Are some generations more engaged than others?

(9:40) Here’s what happens when we feel negatively about work versus when we feel positively about work.

(10:10) People are looking for a meaningful vision of the future. Here’s how purpose and supportive relationships play into that, on a personal and organizational level.

(11:20) People repeat what they are rewarded for. What gets measured gets accomplished. How do you change your metrics to drive purpose-oriented behavior? How can you measure this shift from profitability to purpose?

(15:50) Chicke discusses the challenge of conveying the value of purpose at work to leadership and stakeholders, who are used to seeing value in terms of money. Even when you get leadership buy-in, there is still a process to get the board and investors to understand. I give some ideas on how to tackle this situation.

(21:24) Here are some resources and research that link profitability to purpose.

(24:09) Chicke circles back to talk more about my family’s trip to hike Mount Kilimanjaro. She wants to know how my (then eleven-year-old) daughter faced such an enormous challenge ahead of her, and how that experience has thus far impacted her life. I talk more about the specifics of the hike, and what my daughter took away from the experience.

(29:25) Listen here to find out what I do in my “day job”.


Have any followup questions for me on the topics we covered? Feel free to send me an email, leave a comment below, or find me on Twitter.

*Chicke Fitzgerald is a highly sought after strategic advisor to the travel, media and financial services industries. She also hosts a radio show, focused on innovation and growth strategies. She is also an investor in Rich Media Exchange, a company with exciting integrated media technology for the travel and media industries, ReunionCare, a disruptive healthcare management platform and is the lead strategist for a stealth hospitality technology firm. Learn about her forthcoming book here.

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