How the Workplace Will Change With AI and Robotics: Anne Loehr Interviewed on the “Looking For And” Podcast

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How the Workplace Will Change With AI and Robotics: Anne Loehr Interviewed on the “Looking For And” Podcast

Doug Hensch’s new podcast, “Looking for And”, is on a mission to improve critical thinking skills and incite open mindedness in our society. The show features interviews with business leaders, psychologists, artists and anyone else who can teach “and”-like thinking. He invites his listeners to join him in fighting the disease of ‘either/or’ and ‘us versus them’, while reflecting on our own biases.

Doug asked me to be a guest on his podcast to discuss the future of work, specifically how the workplace is going to change with artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics.

I invite you to listen to the show, or skip ahead to the topics you’re most curious about in the time stamped preview below.

(04:17 – 05:05) From a strategic standpoint, how to think about AI and jobs, in particular.

(05:06 – 06:27) After I discuss the more human aspects of the workplace, Doug decides to play devil’s advocate. He wonders what parents are supposed to think about when putting their children through school, knowing that jobs of the future are unknown.

(06:28 – 07:52) Doug and I discuss a very important skill: the ability to learn. How does that skill fit into a multi-stage life?

(14:22 – 15:26) Both Doug and I are executive coaches. We explore what coaching might teach us about the changing workplace landscape.

(15:50 – 16:55) I believe creating white space is important and undervalued. Here’s how white space, along with curiosity, improves critical thinking.

(18:54 – 20:24) I answer Doug’s question: “When the culture rewards the all-nighter, having a booked calendar, all of that; how do you help your clients find more white space?”

(20:05 – 21:17) Here I discuss preparing for future trends including the role of U.S and global diversity, longevity and how it relates to staying in the workplace longer with AI.

(21:24 – 21:54) Curious what I do instead of listening to the news? Hint: It has to do with brain science.

(22:06 – 23:03) Doug asks: “If you could wave a magic wand and even if you have a more practical solution, what would you do to depolarize this country?”

Rapid Fire Questions:

(24:31 – 24:45) What is your favorite leadership book?

(24:47 – 24:58) What is your favorite hotel in the world?

(25:15 – 25:33) What is your favorite country to visit?

(25:34 – 25:41) If you could give only one piece of advice to parents, what would it be?

(25:43 – 25:52) How long have you been a die hard fan of the world champion Boston Red Sox?

Feel free to ask me any follow up questions about what you heard on today’s podcast in the comment section, via email, or on Twitter. I’m happy to continue the dialogue!




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