Is Your Nonprofit Ready For Gen Z Board Members?

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Is Your Nonprofit Ready For Gen Z Board Members?

CHCI is honored to have Executive Vice President Anne Loehr mentioned in Hardy Smith’s article on preparing nonprofits for Gen Z Board members. 

Is your nonprofit ready for Gen Z board members?

Anne Loehr (she/her/hers) is my go-to resource for understanding characteristics associated with generational groups.

Her recent blog post about best practices for hiring Gen Z, prompted my interest to identify best practices to help nonprofits recruit Gen Z board members.

Gen Z already represents over 20 percent of the population in the United States. Right now the oldest of the generation ranges from 22 to 25 years old and they are beginning to take their place in the work force.

Just think about how far into the future their impact will project.

As # #nonprofits Gen Z’s influence increases, doesn’t it make sense that the generation will quickly be making its presence felt in community service roles?

It’s not too soon for nonprofits to get ready for this new influx of community leaders. In fact, attracting them now could pay dividends for decades.

Each generation has characteristics that influence their thinking, decision making, communication preferences, and how they interact with others.

To help nonprofits prepare for Gen Z, I asked Anne to share behavioral traits that will need to be understood and considered when looking to this generation for candidates to fill board positions.

According to Anne, this generation is more racially diverse and before committing to an organization they want to know there is commitment to diversity and inclusion.

They want to be involved with organizations that create social impact and provide mentoring, training, and meaningful roles. They’re also seeking collaborative environments.

They will want you to understand their individual why and personal motivations for volunteering to serve your cause. They will also look for opportunities that offer flexible scheduling.

It’s important to remember this is our most tech savvy generation yet, having been raised with the internet and mobile devices from birth.

Anne advises nonprofits should be demonstrating they will provide an experience that will meet these Gen Z expectations.

Is your organization recognized for being diverse and inclusive? Does your nonprofit support new and younger board members with proper training and mentor relationships? Is the work of your board truly meaningful?

Will Gen Z board members be encouraged to ask questions and feel listened to when they share opinions? Will they be empowered with opportunities for active roles?

How would your nonprofit’s use of technology be rated? Is your website constantly updated and are newer methods of communication and information sharing being utilized?

Failure to make these practices a priority will put you at risk for losing out on your connection with Gen Z.

What actions are your nonprofit taking to ensure you will be ready to attract Gen Z board members?

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