Anne’s workshops offer more intimate learning environments than keynotes since she can answer specific questions about developing high-performing teams, and encourage managers to build cultures  that attract top talent and increase collaboration, employee retention and sales in real time. Her customized sessions follow her “one third, two thirds rule.” She uses the first third of your time together to explain models and theories behind the topic; then the remaining time focuses on “so what” applications that can be immediately applied at work. Expect engaging, interactive, pragmatic exercises specially designed to help your team learn in relevant and practical ways.

a diverse group of co-workers

Some of Anne’s most popular workshops include:

  • Engage Every Age
  • Coaching to WIN BIG
  • Managing the Unmanageable
  • How Financial Advisors Form Deep Client Relationships.

Your workshop can run from 2 to 7 hours with a team of 20–50 people who are ready to learn tools and tips that they can apply immediately.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Participants have more learning time with Anne
  • Experiential exercises designed to showcase useful tools and concepts also improve retention
  • Interactive sessions encourage group discussion, peer-to-peer learning, and opportunities for networking and personal development
  • Workshop participants receive useful handouts
  • Your team will benefit from extensive and relevant Q&A sessions

Workshops are always customized for your group. Anne is happy to follow workshops with a book signing. Ready to get started? Contact Anne here to customize a workshop for your team.

“Anne’s delivers a top notch presentation, delighting audiences time and time again. Her insights and knowledge give you the tools you need to be a better leader – in organizations, with colleagues, even at home.”– Paula Maguire, Cornell University

“After Anne presented “Coaching for Results” to select counselors at the Maryland Small Business Development Center, attendants asked to have her present to the statewide network.  Anne’s ability to deliver an interactive, engaging, practical curriculum was augmented by her talent in adopting the language of the network and leaning into tough questions with applicable answers and techniques.  She’s a top flight presenter.  And, we invited her as keynote for our annual statewide conference – she rocked the house.” – Casey Willson, Retail and Sustainability Programs Manager, MD Small Business Development Center University of Maryland


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