How Do Generations Impact Teamwork?

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How Do Generations Impact Teamwork?

In the last few months I was honored to be interviewed about the future of work and how generations impact teamwork. I even got to do some interviewing myself with Itay Talgalm. Finally, I was given the opportunity to share a valuable tool for executives who weed through multiple ideas, to focus on the most important ones.

Here’s a quick roundup of my three most recent interviews:

1. Learning Spaces: Teamwork: Is It Being Redefined?

Teamwork Between Generations

When it comes to generational differences, communication is a hot topic. Each generation has its own preferred method of communicating, down to the very detail of word choice. Because communication is so vital to teamwork, it makes sense that understanding generational dynamics will help when building, managing and participating in teams. Milda Skladaityte of Learning Spaces contacted me to talk about teamwork and how each generation influences team dynamics. Read what I have to say about generations and teamwork here.

2. Cornerstone: Why Passion is the Future of Work: HR Leaders’ Best Advice for Grads

Advice For Grads

After they throw their caps, the graduates of 2015 will walk into a world of work that is undergoing a revolution. For example, in the United States, 43% of the workforce is comprised of those who work independently as freelancers; that number will only continue to climb. To be successful at whatever work you choose, you need to focusing on purpose at work. Cornerstone gathered advice from HR leaders for the class of 2015. Read here to see what I’ve got to say to our recent grads.

If you want to read some more inspiring advice for grads, check out what Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) and Sallie L. Krawcheck (former president of Bank of America’s global wealth & investment management division and owner of 89 Broad) have to say here.

3. ExecSense: Best Practices for Developing Your HR Strategy using a Decision-Making Matrix and 4 Case Studies


To succeed in today’s data-rich environment, leaders must move beyond gathering and start filtering. With so many ideas and so many workforce changes headed their way, how can executives choose what to focus on? Trying to put too many things in motion can end up slowing down, or even derailing, great ideas. To help executives filter through these ideas, I introduced a tool called the Decision Making Matrix in a recent webcast. We went through the four major workforce trends headed our way in the Matrix to help determine which one was the most urgent for the organization at hand. Stay tuned for a blog that will detail the Decision Making Matrix, or register for the webcast here.

Did you miss my other interviews this spring? I was interviewed about the future of work, leading with purpose, and how predictive analytics might help field service hiring managers. Read all of my spring interviews here.

I’m always curious…what would you want to know if you’re interviewing me? Maybe I’ll write a blog about it. Tell me in the comment section below, on Twitter or via email.

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