These Organizations are Placing A Spotlight on Workforce Trends: Demographics, Diversity, and Coaching

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At last…spring is here! Q1 is complete and it’s time to come out of hibernation and renew the vigor for achieving your organizational goals. A few of these goals might include focusing on improving your leadership skills, refining your work training programs or increasing employee engagement. Over the next six weeks, I’ll be speaking on several of these topics.

What Shifting Demographics Mean to Healthcare

The Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) is hosting me on April 18 in Milwaukee to discuss what the shifting demographics mean to their stakeholders, patients and industry. How will the generational shifts impact patient care? What will the healthcare workforce look like in a decade? And what role do women play in the success of WHA?

Coaching to WIN BIG in Education

Education is facing many of the same issues as healthcare. On May 7th, The University System of Georgia’s Human Resource Association (USGHRA) is hosting a conference where I’ll be speaking on Coaching to WIN BIG. Most universities have an extensive network of employees, all involved in a variety of activities, so the involvement of effective leadership that knows how to coach employees is essential. With such a wide network, if each employee isn’t empowered through coaching, it’s easy to get locked into an ineffective system, making it harder to fulfill their vision of maximizing “organizational performance and engage world-class faculty and staff in advancing the University System of Georgia’s mission.”

Leveraging the Strengths of a Generationally Diverse Workforce

Emory University is looking at a different topic on May 9th, learning how to leverage the strengths and connect with each generation. As I’ve written about before, shifting workforce trends are changing the landscape for most industries. How does a university of this magnitude adapt?

The Strategic Role of Diversity Within an Organization

I’ve been working with Graphic Packaging (GPI) for several months now. In their May 8 HR Summit, I’ll be using the Ten Lenses book as one tool to address diversity and how it applies to their industry. GPI is a global, manufacturing organization so the strategic role diversity plays in their plants, with their clients and at their headquarters is vital to their success.

Shifting Demographics: How Generational Diversity Is Critical for Financial Advisors

Barron’s Top Advisors is actually hosting an entire summit on the topic of diversity; if this doesn’t signal the coming of major trends and changes, I don’t know what does! On May 17, I’ll be discussing ways financial advisors can bring generational diversity to their practice. A new generation is beginning to take over family assets and financial advisors are faced with competition that’s better prepared to handle these changes. This is a big problem considering that on average, FAs lose 98% of assets when a client dies and their wealth passes on to younger successors.

What issues are your organization facing? Being prepared to handle the new workforce trends isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s sign of strength. What is your organization doing to prepare?

Leave me a comment, send me a tweet or reach me by email; I’d love to learn how you and your team are adapting to the workforce shifts.

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