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Engage Every Age Engage Every Age

Once you understand the history, traits, and culture of each generation, you can then better speak each generation’s language, which builds rapport and trust. The result? Higher sales, improved bottom-line results, and increased employee retention.

Preparing Leaders for the Future Workforce Preparing Leaders for the Future Workforce

There are big changes coming to the American workforce. In order to survive and thrive in the very different workplace of tomorrow, organizations need to know, plan and stay in front of these changes.

Managing the Unmanageable Managing the Unmanageable

Today leaders and managers need winning strategies to avoid the costly pitfalls of high turnover, low morale, and poor collaboration—not to mention the high costs of missed deadlines and incomplete projects.

The Art of Inquiry The Art of Inquiry

Powerful leaders know how to listen. Inquiry and listening improve collaboration. When a leader increases her questions-to-statements ratio, she automatically empowers the employee to find an innovative solution on his own.

Preparing Financial Advisors for Success Preparing Financial Advisors for Success

Enjoy an engaging and dynamic keynote presentation that will help leaders bridge the gap between Gen X, Gen Y, and Baby Boomers in a generationally diverse workplace.

Coaching to Win Big Coaching to Win Big

An engaging, practical, and interactive keynote presentation to help you do the following, better: 1. Increase your team’s productivity, focus, and creativity. 2. Learn, practice, and hone coaching skills that will make you a leader among leaders. 3. Motivate your team for peak performance.

Transformational Leadership & The Future of Work

Workplace Design Impact on Culture: Anne Loehr Interviews David Craig

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A strong organization is always looking for ways to improve company culture. Workplace design is one tool that can directly impact company culture, as well as productivity and innovation. To explore this topic, I interviewed workplace design expert David Craig, SVP of CannonDesign New York and head of CannonDesign’s global Workplace Strategy Practice. In this […]

How Values and Purpose Create Better Leaders, Part Three: Your Values in Action

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It’s vitally important that leaders identify and use their values in all aspects of their lives. Why? Because values give us a sense of purpose, and help guide us in organizational decision-making. You can review the definition and importance of values here. Deciding to lead with values is only the first step. Next comes the […]

How Values and Purpose Create Better Leaders, Part Two: Find Your Values

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Values are like a compass that points us to our “true north.” Understanding our personal values helps us navigate decisions, make more fulfilling choices, and live in a way that is satisfying and meaningful. It is the road to finding our purpose. As a leader, personal values pass down to all levels of the organization, […]


  • Anne Fink, Vice-President, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC

    Your break-out session, “Engage Every Age” had the most value of all of the sessions that I attended over the 2 day conference. I have quoted you and referred to your chart often for business as well as inter-personal relationships. Friends who are business people, teachers, coaches and trainers have shared their frustrations with me in relating to their Gen-X&Y employees, students and athletes. Accessing the information that you provided has made me feel conversationally conversant to offer ideas and suggestions to those struggling to motivate and inspire their young charges.

    - Anne Fink, Vice-President, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC
  • Mary Ann Merrill, CEO, One with Africa

    A more astute person I’ve yet to meet. Not only does she carefully listen but she is well equipped to provide guidance and feedback based on what she hears. She recognizes when you are being honest with yourself and when you are not and will gently but firmly guide you to see issues clearly. Her sense of humor and fun will ease some challenging transitions. But more importantly, those necessary changes do occur and you and your business will be far better off for having worked with Anne. She provided me the tools and gave me the confidence to take my company to heights I never thought possible.

    - Mary Ann Merrill, CEO, One with Africa
  • Steve Goldenberg, CEO, Interfolio

    My only regret about working with Anne is that I didn’t do it sooner in my career.  Working on my communication style, leadership skills and time management, I achieved results right away and feel I am ready to grow my company to the next stage because of her work with me.  Anyone who wants to grow as a professional would benefit enormously from her coaching.

    - Steve Goldenberg, CEO, Interfolio
  • Col. Jon Roop, United States Air Force

    Anne’s impact was deeply personal.  Her teaching technique fosters a desire for introspection that results in a lifetime of change.  For weeks after our session our new vocabulary and fresh perspective influenced daily operations.  We started seeing each generation for the value they brought to the table rather than how their behavior didn’t conform to our individual expectations.  We now share a common vision for the changes ahead.  Our wing is more effective and a bit more fun because of our time with Anne.

    - Col. Jon Roop, United States Air Force
  • Rebecca Locke, Sr. Director, American Red Cross

    Working with Anne helped us effectively target and market to a new generation of donors.  Her dynamic, fun and engaging presenting style, combined with her relevant and important information, helped us be more productive and useful to those we serve.

    - Rebecca Locke, Sr. Director, American Red Cross